PAKISTANLAWSITE ensembles the idea of LAWONLINE. This is one stop resource site for Statutes, Rules and Cases relating to Pakistan. This site is one of its kind and houses all the federal and provincial statutes and cases related to these statutes. Taxation, Service, Copyright, State planning, Labour and all kinds of Fiscal statutes are covered in this site. Moreover there are more than 1200 Essays and writing and other legal documents available here. It also houses all the Journals of PLD Publishers that are PLD, SCMR, CLC, PCrLJ, PTD, PLC, CLD, YLR, GBLR.


LAWSITE.COM.PK Currently there is no systematic or organized method of providing access to the latest Statutory and Case Laws to the vast mass of lawyers. A few reputed law firms, that charge substantially high legal fees, can afford to maintain law libraries and to engage manpower to update the Statutes and Case Law. The vast majority of lawyers who generally practice at district level or represent middle class citizens before superior judiciary do not possess such law libraries. The Bar Councils and Bar Associations maintain law libraries but the printed books are insufficient to cater to the needs of all lawyers. Secondly, these libraries do not possess latest editions; this is due to lack to resources.

The Statutes do not have authenticity seal of Law Division. The charges are beyond the reach of middle level advocates. Hence the clientele of such IT firms is very small. There is no built-in system to check if the Statutes are updated regularly. At present the law Division is the repository of latest amended Statutes. The Courts do not accept computer print outs as authority.


PAKISTANTAXSITE is easy to use , offering hypertext links , customized query templates search results and print facilities. It allows you to search across variety of data instantly accessible from any where in the world. With the latest information at your fingertips , there is no need to spend time on filing or searching for the most up to date disk., the latest online service is the ultimate one stop shop for taxation practitioners. Designed to drastically cut research time at a fraction of the cost of other less specialized services. It provides fast and up to date access to all tax laws , tax reference materials and much much more.

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