Access to Case-Law Reported in PLD, SCMR, CLC, PCrLJ, PTD, PLC, CLD, MLD,YLR, GBLR.

These Caselaws are monthly updated and kept in the Whats New section of the site.

One of the main feature of is the access to reported caselaw through different sections of the site.

All the searches are designed to focus on user's requirements.

You can search caselaw through specific keywords and sections by typing them in Caselaw search text box. This is the most significant search of the site as it put the entire data of the site within your reach and you can use key words to limit it to a relevant section.

The second feature is access to Statutes.

Another significant feature of the new revamped is that through it you can access most of Federal and Provincial Statutes.

Just type in the portion of name of the statute or year in statute search text box and you can view the statute.

If you know the citation you can access it through Citation Search.

If you want to see cases specific to certain courts such as Election Tribunal, Service Tribunals, Federal Tax Obudsman, SECP etc. you can access these in Court-wise Search section of the site.

Banking Finance and Commerce

It will drastically cut the time spend looking up through Law Books. Any combination of the modules could be selected.

Company Law

Since it was published PLD company law is un-doubtly viewed as the leading reference source for company law. The need for specialist reporting service on company law is as necessary today as ever been. In past significant company law cases were scattered through several series of reports and some important cases went un reported. With you can be sure of having at your fingertips the most important cases so you don't face the problem of not knowing weather a crucial case has been covered or not.

Legislation, Notification, SRO, circular, Gernal Order, Forms

Accessibility of Site/Database

Now you don't have to look for up to date disk or wait for hours or even days to be updated it can all be done by click of the button.

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